Hall of the Peace Warrior is a training center of the Kempo First Foundation that shares a facility with the Colorado School of Wing Chun in Broomfield, Colorado.

Our Kempo classes teach Gow-Ren-Lu Kempo, Gung Fu and Kajukenbo, a style characterized by natural and flowing movements with its roots in the Kajukenbo Mitose lineage. Under the veteran instruction of 10th degree Grandmaster Ron Carlson, we attract students ranging in experience from beginners to seasoned practitioners of diverse styles looking to add to their skills.

Student training is funded by extremely affordable donations that may be tax deductible. Our students are not bound by contracts.

United States Active Duty Service Men and Women

Stationed in Colorado?  As long as you are on active duty you may train with us for free.

On leave or furlough in Colorado?  You too, may train with us while on leave at no charge.

Again, free — absolutely no charge.

This free martial art training offer for active duty U.S. Military is not some bait and switch scheme designed to draw you in, only to start charging you for instruction later.  This is a legitimate offer — our way of saying, Thank You for standing between us and those who would destroy our nation.

Again, for active duty service men and women, the instruction is absolutely  free.  It will cost you NOTHING  What do you have to lose?  Call for an appointment 303-514-3882

And to all my fellow Marines: Semper Fi